Revista Business Portugal publishes article concerning WEAS

      The magazine  Revista Business Portugal published an article regarding its visit to WEAS Unipessoal LDA earlier this month. The monthly magazine published on the 30th of September, which is distribuited in conjunction with the newspaper Publico, highlighted the path that WEAS has taken over the past 3 years as a company in the forefront of the technological world.

      For those of you who were unable to read the magazine in its printed format, the digital format is available online.

      The link to the article: Revista Business Portugal

      (Please note the article in the link is in Portuguese)


      Business Portugal Magazine visits WEAS

      On 5 September 2019, Business Portugal Magazine called in on WEAS for the “Portugal creative” section, the magazine which is published monthly as part of the O Publico newspaper, seeks to find examples of Creativity, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Research & Development in Portugal. WEAS was considered for the section as part of the technological world with inovation and entrepreneurship, after an interview with the WEAS CEO, Alípio Teixeira, the jornalists visited to the production area. The publication of the article will be announced when we have official confirmation.

      WEAS visits APPACDM

      WEAS’ 3rd Anniversary

      On the 3rd of June 2019, Weas Unipessoal, Lda, celebrated it’s third anniversary. This new year brought new clients and new challenges, but also demonstrated the resilience of the WEAS team.

      WEAS always celebrates it’s important business milestones with acts of social responsibility, this year was no diferente. 2019’s social campaign was assigned to APPACDM (Portuguese Association for Parents and Friends of the Mentally Handicapped citizen) – Montemor-o-Velho center. The WEAS team was presented with a liveshow given by the patrons, and a guided visit to the instalations. The memorable day ended with photograph at the end WEAS team and the patrons of the centerf.

      Following the visit, a luncheon was served at the Quinta do Outeiro, Tentúgal, bringing together the WEAS team in an informal environment, giving rise to a lively and festive atmosphere. Can’t wait for next year.

      Weas Arrquiled logo

      Official start of production for Arquiled

      WEAS had a milestrone in the last week of May 2019 with the first delivery made to Arquiled, WEAS’ partner, in the production of LED street lights.

      The project announced in September 2018 implied an increase in the production area, which included the construction of a new warehouse and the instalation of a new assembly line, giving WEAS a greater production capacity. Arquiled’s project consolidates WEAS as a go to company in the field of wiring harness, electronics and equipment assembly.

      TUV Certification – 2nd follow-up

      The ISO standard:9001:2015 certification audit follow-up took place this past Wednesday, May the 22nd, 2019. The WEAS Quality Management System was audited and successfully obtained zero non-conformities.

      WEAS – International Recycling Day

      The International Recycling Day is celebrated on 17 May 2019, an important day of reflection on environmental issues and consumerism.

      WEAS did it’s part by recycling more than 1000 kg of waste in 2018.

      As part of our introduced environmental policy, WEAS intends to promote various internal actions in order to reduce waste generated internally due to our production and by creating an internal culture of responsible behaviour with a genuine environmental concern.

      With these initiatives, and with the contribution of our collaborators, we want to continue to “Take care of the planets wellbeing”.

      Woman's Day 2019 WEAS

      March the 8th – Woman’s day

      The 8th of March is always a day of celebration at WEAS, since the company has close to 60% of it’s workforce who are women. WEAS is not oblivious to the International Woman’s Day, it was first celebrated in 1857 but was only officially accepted in 1975 by the United Nations.

      Weas celebrated the day, in 2019, with a shared lunch, followed by a beauty workshop that included a session about skin care and makeup. This was followed by a Zumba class, that brought the fun-filled day to an end.

      2019 – Financial Results presentation

      Weas gathered it’s employees on March the 8th, for the 2018 financial presentation. Each department head gave a small presentation of the financial markers for 2018 and the predictions for 2019. This gave the employees the chance to have a global view of the path that WEAS is following and what is expected until the end of 2019, and to clarify any questions they may have. This was followed a light luncheon.

      Christmas 2018

      On the 8th of December 2018, the WEAS workers celebrated the start of the Christmas season with a Christmas dinner. The festivities started with a visit to “Lar de S. Martinho – Obra do Padre Serra”, as part of the company’s Social Responsibility policy, were after a visit to the instituitions donations were made of foodstuffs and personal higiene products donated by the company and it’s workers.

      The visit to the home, was followed by a dinner celebration that included a secret Santa gift exchange that was quite lively. A fun time was had by all.